SpectrumICA Announces Juan Ramos as new CEO.

Spectrum ICA Secures $10 Million Capital, Names Juan Ramos as New CEO, and Brings Vicent Tozzi to Lead Team During Massive Expansion 

January 30, 2018

Miami Beach, FL. Spectrum Intelligence Communications Agency (Spectrum ICA) announced today the hire of Telecommunications seasoned executive Juan Ramos as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Founder and President Amiel D. Aviman and Juan Ramos’ Holding Group acquired 100% of Spectrum ICA.. The exchange of shares was pivotal in the securement of a $10 million dollar injection of capital by investors Gold&Finch, LLC.

After two challenging years, Mr. Aviman has successfully redirected the vision for Spectrum ICA. As the architect of Spectrum 2.0, he has secured the hire of stellar personnel, funding, and an expansion into new territories.

The company has secured a $10 million dollar injection of working capital for 2018, which will allow for M&A licenses in strategic countries. Spectrum ICA is looking to be not only a national USA carrier, but also to expand globally with coverage in Latin America, Europe and bridge in Africa and the Middle East. The telecommunications is also announcing the recent opening offices in Argentina, Moldova, and Italy.

“We are excited to be in the process of expanding our portfolio outside of the traditional wholesale VoIP landscape and to accommodate our present and growing European team as we have officially opened global offices to manage all EMEA and LATAM relationships,” explained Mr. Aviman.

With Juan Ramos joining Spectrum ICA as the new CEO, the future of Spectrum is brighter than ever.

“Juan Ramos has been an executive in the Telecom voice sector for almost 20 years. His strong reputation, know how, and relationship in strategic countries and mobile operators will enable Spectrum to grow tremendously,” states Mr. Aviman. “Having graduated from Harvard Business School, Mr. Ramos encompasses a profound understanding of the market and business environment and gives a keen sense for delivering operational excellence as well as financial workouts in multifaceted situations.”

Prior to joining Spectrum, Mr. Ramos held the position of Vice President for Ibasis Latin America. He provided leadership to grow the company since its concept. Mr. Ramos has an extensive record of accomplishment with the utmost professionalism and success throughout his career.

“Having the solid foundation and team that Mr. Aviman has built in Spectrum is a great jump-start to bring my credentials and relationships to place Spectrum as a leading Global voice carrier,” explained Mr. Ramos.

Mr. Ramos’ hire comes in the midst of an exponential expansion by Spectrum ICA, as they leverage their diverse experience, network, and knowledge towards a new phase of innovation.

Additionally, another high-level Telecom professional has joined the Spectrum ICA team. Vincent Tozzi brings his unparalleled industry experience and leadership skills to navigate the future success of the company. Mr. Tozzi and his former teams were responsible for the successful development and launches of NobelOne, Mobetize’s mobile wallet (SAAS), and IDT’s/ Tigo top up. IDT’s/Tigo top up was the first launch of any international mobile top up product in the industry.

“Thanks to his expertise, relationships and marketing prowess, he has provided previous companies the necessary tools and strategies to market, design and distribute services and products all over the world,” explained Mr. Aviman. “I am very excited to see how he uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to further expand Spectrum ICA into a profitable future.”

With a busy start to 2018, Mr. Aviman, Mr. Ramos, Mr. Tozzi and the Spectrum ICA team have clear objectives of commercial expansion and business transformation that will assure their current and new clients the ability to grow and increase the volume between Spectrum and their businesses.


About Spectrum


Spectrum Intelligence Communications Agency founded by Amiel D. Aviman is an expert in VoIP, specializing in CLI only traffic and one of the most innovative international long distance carriers in the United States in 2012. Based in Miami Beach, Florida, SICA is the trusted partner for many of the world’s voice service providers, fixed and mobile operators, calling card providers, retail application and VoIP solution providers.

For further information or for media inquiries, please contact Natasha Aviman at executive.coordinator@spectrumica.com

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